Expert Execution Training – Module I

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" It's so much easier to suggest solutions when you don't know too much about the problem" ― Malcolm Forbes

Problem-solving skills are important at every level. There's no one that's immune to the regular onslaught of problems. You may find that nearly every aspect of your daily routine centers around some type of problem-solving. Learn how to properly defining the problem, analyze the causes and develop effective solutions

An Introduction to Root Cause Analysis

The Bain Approach to Framing the Issue

Additional Reading - Are you solving the right problem?

Even when people apply simpler problem-diagnosis frameworks, such as root cause analysis and the related 5 Whys questioning technique, they often find themselves digging deeper into the problem they’ve already defined rather than arriving at another diagnosis. That can be helpful, certainly. But creative solutions nearly always come from an alternative definition of your problem

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